Today over 70% of Europeans do business online, and online sales in Europe are set to hit €191 billion by 2017.

Our clients see this and recognize that going digital is fast becoming a necessity. They see many of their customers as digital ‘transitionals’, people who have adapted successfully to a new digital world and who are happy to transact online where services are available, and offline where they are not. They also recognize however that these customers are fast giving way to digital ‘natives’ for whom digital is the only way they will transact with financial institutions.

There are many ways to go digital and it can be confusing for clients to know where to start. We have developed a number of business models that recognise and cater for different client situations, for example where clients have very limited access to their own IT resources. We find that this helps our clients to quickly work through their own situations and the different digital insurance options open to them.

Simple URL models are the most commonly used architectures today, allowing customers to click through to Genworth-hosted websites.

More complex but with the potential for greater flexibility, Widget & API models allow distributors to embed insurance widgets, content and functions directly into their online loan or card applications. These models are recognised as the future of digital service integration.

Digital Models

Digital Silver

An easy-to-deploy URL model requiring almost zero investment from you.

This simple URL model allows you to add a digital sales channel without the need for an IT project. We build and manage it for you. The only thing you need is a link from your website to the new website to LEARN MORE. We do everything else. We don’t pass customer data with the link, making it easy to obtain security approvals. Disruptive change … without the disruption!

  • A new digital channel with zero disruption
  • No data passed so easier security approvals
  • Offer insurance to any customer on your ‘open pages’
  • Great for standalone products such as Critical Illness or Personal Accident
  • No need for IT resource from your team.

Digital Gold

A URL model that passes secure customer data for a more personalised experience.

In this model we put the link inside the web bank and restrict the offer of insurance to your own customers. Or better still, we highlight the customer’s insurance status in their web bank and offer focused protection where it’s needed, for example on a loan or a card. The URL link passes secure customer details such as name or loan amount to the sales platform.

An ideal model for restricting the offer to your own customers only. And perfect for offering credit-linked insurance products – such as PPI – to customers who already have a creditor product in place.

  • A new digital channel with limited investment
  • Secure data supports a stronger customer experience
  • Limit the offer to your own customers in your web bank
  • Offer PPI to customers who have a creditor product in place
  • Use this model as the basis of a targeted web bank proposition
  • Requires some IT resource from your team.

Digital Platinum

Integrates a range of pre-configured insurance services into the digital customer experience.

If your customers are buying loans or credit cards online, this is a great time to offer them the insurance they need. Genworth services or ‘widgets’ can be plugged directly into the flow of your online application. Think of it as a tailored insurance proposition running inside your website. It’s the easiest way to integrate the insurance sale directly into the sale of the primary creditor product. At the time when research shows the customer is most receptive to the insurance proposition.

  • Puts the insurance sale at the heart of the digital sale
  • Allows insurance to be offered at the point where it’s most needed
  • Suitable for offering PPI to new customers
  • Uses off-the-shelf services or ‘widgets’
  • Requires IT resource from your team.

Digital Diamond

The API building blocks you need to design & configure your own digital insurance services.

For full control over your insurance proposition, API Gateways allow you to configure and build your very own insurance services. Distributors pick and mix the building blocks they need to configure their own digital customer experience.

API services allow distributors to draw on marketing content, graphics & info graphics, video content, eligibility criteria, pricing, personalised quotes, PDF documents, e-signature engines, underwriting and a host of other content & functionality. Putting power and flexibility into the hands of the channel partner.

  • Puts the power & flexibility of digital into your hands
  • Allows insurance to be offered at the point where it’s most needed
  • Suitable for offering a full range of products to new or existing customers
  • Uses the power of Open API Gateways
  • Requires an IT development project from your team.

Digital Marketing Support

We also offer support for agent-facing Point of Sale (PoS) platforms, and for clients who want to build the entire proposition themselves we are happy to offer consultancy and content.

Of course, it’s not simply about websites.  A website without marketing support is unlikely to succeed, and so all of these services are backed up with advertising content, social media marketing content and Google Analytics support, allowing us to work with the client to build out a fully rounded digital proposition and to understand & respond to customer behaviours.

Talk to us today about going digital.